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How to Keep Cats Off Your Cars?

    How to Keep Cats Off Your Cars

    Even if you love these fluffy animals, you might start to hate them after seeing those paws and scratches on your car or after seeing the poop they have left on your car. Even cats love to sit under the car as they find the place warm. Unfortunately, many times they can sit underneath the car’s hood and can result in injuries or kill when you turn the engine on. So, how to keep cats off your cars?

    There are various legit measures to repel and keep cats away from your cars. This includes using special cat repellent sprays and powder, cayenne pepper, moth balls, car cover, and ultrasonic repellent. If your own cat is doing damage to the car, then either cut the cat’s nails or keep it at home and away from the car. 

    Let’s get to know more about the measures of keeping the cats away from the cars. 

    Why are cats attracted to my car?

    Actually, the cats are attracted to the warmth of the car’s roof and underneath. As an automobile rests in the sun, the metal heats and becomes a comfortable place to lay; hence, cats are drawn to it. Moreover, when the car’s engine gets heated and the car gets placed in place, then the area under the car gets heated to some extent, which also attracts the cats. 

    The smell of food emanating from your automobile can explain why you have a cat hanging around. Because of this, you may want to avoid leaving your cheeseburger wrapper in the backseat or leaving some food in the car when you make your evening drive home.

    How to Keep Cats Off Your Cars?

    Here are all the measures you can take to keep the cats off your cars:

    1) Use the Cat repellent spray and powder.

    Use a spray or powder cat repellent around your vehicle. Spray the area around your vehicle first. If the cat continues to sit on your vehicle, saturate the vehicle with an insecticide every night before bed. The powder or spray should deter cats from approaching your vehicle. However, if they persist in sitting on your vehicle, spray the repellant directly on the body. 

    2) Using DIY Cat Repellent Spray

    You may easily make your own all-natural cat repellent at home. Cats avoid some odors at all costs. Take a spray bottle, fill it with water, and add a few drops of lavender, peppermint, orange, or rosemary essential oil. Spray the solution on every surface of the vehicle. Top up weekly and more frequently if it rains.

    3) Try Dry Herbs 

    If your cat likes to sit on the hood of your car or in other places, place a herb like rue, rosemary, or lavender there. It is possible to experiment with a combination of herbs to see which works best for you. If the cat continues to perch on your automobile, increase the amount of herb you use.

    4) Use Mothballs

    This is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to keep cats away from your car. Similar to most humans, cats dislike the odor of mothballs. So simply place mothballs inside and around the vehicle. 

    Also, ensure that you place them in areas frequented by the cat. However, keep in mind that they are poisonous, so place them away from the reach of children. 

    5) Get Car Alarm Fit in Your Car

    Activating your car’s alarm will scare away unwanted felines. Even the most confident cats will flee in the opposite direction when they hear a sudden blaring noise. 

    However, we strongly advise not honking your horn in the middle of the night or multiple times throughout the day. Neighbors can become irate if you make a lot of noise.

    6) Try Cayenne Pepper

    Cayenne pepper is a safer and less odorous alternative to mothballs that can be sprinkled around your vehicle. You need not apply pepper directly on your vehicle, just in the vicinity. In addition, numerous automobile owners believe that cayenne pepper is a great cat repellent.

    Cayenne pepper has been demonstrated to be an effective cat repellent; however, it may take a few days to keep curious cats away.

    7) Use Ultrasonic Repellent

    Ultrasonic repellents can also be used to keep cats and other rodents away from your car. When motion is detected, the repellents will produce high-pitched sounds. Of course, the human ear can’t hear these sounds, but cats despise them. An ultrasonic gadget can be purchased on the internet or at a local pet store near you.

    8) Cover your Car

    Although a cat’s claws may readily rip through a ragged tarp, they are unlikely to rip through a zip-up car cover. The last thing you want is for your brand-new car to be damaged by a cat’s sharp claws.

    A benefit of employing a car cover as opposed to other solutions is that it will not damage or frighten the cat. While they may still spend the night sleeping on your vehicle, no physical harm or proof will be left behind.

    9) Install a Motion-controlled Sprinkler near your Car

    Take advantage of the fact that cats despise water. These sprinklers are specifically designed to discourage feline pests. Attach one to your hose and aim it at your vehicle. When motion is detected, it will spray a wide arc of water to frighten away the cat.

     If you do not roll up your windows and avoid going in front of the sprinkler, you may end up getting sprayed instead of the cat!

    10) Remove Food & food wrappers from your car.

    Keep your driveway and yard clear of any food waste that may have fallen from your garbage cans. Observe mice or other natural prey that the cat may be pursuing. You’ll be able to solve your cat’s problem if the cat is sitting on your automobile because it is near food or prey.

    11) Trim the cat’s nails

    If the cat is yours, then either try to keep it locked in-home or trim its nails. Clipping the cat’s claws helps lessen the severity of scratches. Ask your neighbor to trim their cat’s nails if the animal belongs to them. Alternatively, you can ask them to keep their cat indoors.

    12) Change the Parking Location

    Change the location of where you park your automobile in order to keep curious felines away. For example, parking in a dark, shady garage will keep cats away from your car, whereas leaving them in the open and in the light will attract more of them.

    If you can, place your car in a public parking garage rather than on the street or in your own garage to keep cats from getting inside.

    Bottom Line

    These are all the effective measures you can take on how to keep cats off your cars. You can use any of them but if you want a professional solution, then use cat repellent spray or powder. It will definitely work, thanks to its ingredients. 

    We hope this article was helpful & informative. Please leave your valuable thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

    Thank you for reading!

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