10 Best Dog Breeds To Have Around Kids!

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10) Boxer

Due to their kind and devoted nature, boxers are fantastic with babies and children despite being fearless and devoted.

9) Mutts

Mutts are frequently the ideal complement to any household, since they typically possess a variety of attributes and traits that make them the "best of both worlds."

8) Pug

Pugs are docile, playful, and quiet, so they have the endurance to deal with older infants and toddlers as well as the tolerance and delicacy to care for a newborn.

7) Labrador retriever

Labs are among the most sociable and adaptable canine breeds. It is not unexpected that they are terrific with infants because they are great with everyone.

6) Poodle 

Due to their high level of intelligence, Poodles are excellent home pets since they can be trained quickly and are obedient. They are amiable, trustworthy, and a gentle species.

5) Newfoundland

These large, lovable creatures have the temperament of a huge teddy bear and are sure to become your child's best friend.

4) English bulldog

Dogs of this breed are known to be friendly and outgoing, as well as loyal and protective of kids.

3) Border Collie

Border collies are delightfully smart, and their passion for work means that they will not only help you rear your baby, but also take satisfaction in doing so.

2) Beagle

If you're looking for a dog to introduce to your newborn, look no further; beagles are the right combination of friendliness, determination, and gentleness.

1) Golden retriever

Reasonably, golden retrievers are the ideal family dog. Kind, dependable, affable, and devoted, they may love your children more than you do.

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