10 Interview Mistakes That Won't Get You Hired!

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1) Not doing the homework

Your interviewer may be concerned if you didn't research the firm beforehand. You'll be more impressive if you can explain an organization's aims, mission, and history.

2) Not researching about interviewer

 In the same way that you should investigate the organization, you should also research your interviewers.

3) Not sending a thank you mail

A timely, cordial follow-up following the interview can be really beneficial. Always send an interviewer a thank-you email within 24 hours.

4) Not preparing meaningful questions

The interview continues when the interviewer asks if you have questions. Don't be scared to ask similar questions to each interviewer.

5) Coming across as uninterested

If you were unenthusiastic, avoided eye contact, unprepared, or didn't ask important questions, your interviewer may not be interested.

6) Asking about salary & perks in interview initially

You can raise these questions later in the interview process, but you shouldn't bring them up in the first interview.

7) Starting in a wrong way

If you show up late or complain about the weather or technology, you won't get a second chance at the interview.

8) Speaking poorly about last job

Recruiters may be concerned if you badmouth past employers or management. Lack of emotional intelligence and room reading might hurt interview performance.

9) Just pretending to know about the topic

The best policy is to be completely honest. Anyone can admit that they don't know anything, and there is no shame in admitting that you don't.

10) Too high salary expectations

Even if you're qualified for the position, you may not get a call back if your compensation demands are too high.

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