10 Signs That Your Colleagues Doesn't Like You!

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1) Avoiding Eye Contact

If coworkers don't look you in the eye, they may look down on you. Superiors get more attention and eye contact than inferiors.

2) They stare at you

There are friendly stares and infatuated gazes, and then there is the impolite and hostile type of extended concentrated stare.

3) Smile disappear when you come

Workplaces appear fun and cheery when you're not in them—until you show up! "You have personally rained on their parade" is an obvious display of hatred for you.

4) Not acknowledging you

Your lack of popularity is evident when you walk into the office, say "good morning!" and no one responds.

5) They only email you

Email allows workers to avoid personal touch. If your officemates prefer digital messaging to talking to you, you may not be a favorite.

6) Your co-workers curt with you

Are your small talk attempts met with grunts or one-word answers, or worse, ignored? It's disrespectful and not a good sign.

7) They pick on you

Workplace gossip and taunting are common. If you feel like you're always being picked on, you've offended someone.

8) They always question you

There is a fine line between questioning a choice and questioning the trustworthiness of the person making it.

9) Excluding you from social events

When employees hint that the perfect job exists elsewhere—or give you outside job postings—" it's terrific clue they're attempting to get rid of you."

10) Your work's isn't a priority

Your pariah status could be why your ideas, worries, and requests are neglected while others' are treated with haste.

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