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10 Signs of Your Family Not Caring About You!

1) They don't respect your boundaries

Individual limits must be respected. If your family trespasses, that's a bad sign. Always respect personal boundaries.

2) They Abuse You

Abuse in the family is never acceptable. No one, including family members, can physically or emotionally harm you.

3) They put their needs first

You may feel unfulfilled and that things are one-sided. This could mean a family member puts himself/herself first and doesn't care about your requirements.

4) They don't have interest in your life

Asking about a person's life can be a show of interest, but if even a basic "How are you?" is absent, this is a warning sign.

5) Neglecting You

This is a common occurrence. Even if it isn't done on purpose, hurting a youngster emotionally is a serious matter. Adulthood may be the time when you finally come to terms with this.

6) Your wants & needs don't matter to them

Ignoring your needs as a youngster can affect your adult life. If you've been through this, you may need healing.

7) Not calling or texting you

If you never hear from your family, it could mean that you and your loved ones aren't close enough, or it could mean that they don't care about you at all.

8) They don't come to your celebrations

Life experiences are better with loved ones nearby. If members of the family skip birthday celebrations, graduations, etc., that's your cue.

9) They are critical of you

It's not worth your time or affection if someone is constantly berating you for anything you do, no matter how good you are.

10) They don't support you

In the end, you're human, with hopes and aspirations that come and go like everyone else. There is nothing worse than having family members that aren't on your side.

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