10 Smart Ways To Save Money on Road Trips!

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1) Consider Camping

Camping is cheaper than hotels. Camping is the cheapest road trip accomodation choice if you already have a tent, sleeping bags, and other supplies.

2) Or Rent

VRBO and Airbnb provide economical house, chalet, and apartment rentals. Rentals are cheaper than hotels.

3) Bring Food on Trip

By bringing your own snacks and meals from home or purchasing sandwich fixings and breakfast cereal at your destination, you'll be able to save extra money.

4) Purchase passes 

How many national parks, KOA campgrounds, or big-name tourist attractions are you planning on visiting while on vacation? By getting a pass, you'll be able to save money.

5) Head outdoors

Fishing, hiking, snowshoeing, Frisbee golf, swimming, playing on playgrounds, and canoeing and kayaking are all free or inexpensive activities.

6) Pair & Split Costs

Traveling with pals is enjoyable and cheap. You can split food prep and costs in a rental home, RV, or camping. You can take turns paying for gas in a huge car.

7) Get your car repaired

Make sure your automobile is road trip-ready before you leave. Take your car in for a tune-up and have the mechanic check the fluids, filters, tires, and spare.

8) Get ready for emergency

First aid items, warm clothing or blankets, flares, a flashlight, & a rubbish bag should be in an emergency kit. If you're prepared, you'll use emergency services less often.

9) Stay in mileage speed

Sticking to the speed limit will save you money on gas because cars are more efficient between 50 and 60 mph.

10) Map out your route

A road trip is not a time for spontaneity. Plan the optimal route for your upcoming road trip before leaving home.

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