10 Tips of Having A Good Work Day!

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1) Start your day happily

Make time to be inspired by what you see around you, whether it's a visit to your neighborhood coffee shop or a read through your latest mood board.

2) Make a to-do list

Decide what tasks are most important for the day and write them down so you don't forget them later. Keep your list manageable so that you can feel more successful.

3) Use tools for productivity

Do what you enjoy and do best by using tools to automate part of your tasks. This is a simple way to boost your productivity.

4) Organize your desk

It's easy to become busy and let your desk pile up. Organize and clean it. Add a candle or flowers.

5) Clear your mind

Take 5-10 minutes away from the screen. Before starting a new work, close your eyes to meditate or stare out the window.

6) Avoid Scrolling

Social media check-ins can be a distraction that causes you to lose focus by allowing your attention to stray to what others are doing.

7) Wrote down the ideas

As you work or take short pauses, you may find that brilliant ideas emerge. Before you forget, record them.

8) Stretch!

A person's health can suffer if they spend long periods of time in one position. Spend five minutes bending, stretching, and lying down.

9) Eat some healthy snacks

Keep your productivity and health in check by snacking on almonds, fresh fruits and vegetables, hummus, or hard-boiled eggs.

10) Call someone

Spend ten minutes or so catching up with a friend, coworker's wife, or your mother, if you have one, who always makes you feel uplifted, creative, and motivated.

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