11 Airplane Etiquette Rules We All Need to Follow!

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1) Going directly to seat

Don't make boarding even more inconvenient for other passengers by searching through your bag or anything like that prior to sitting down.

2) Avoid removing shoes & socks

Your own foot odor may easily stink up a plane. Some foot ailments are communicable, and bare feet might be nasty if you haven't had a pedicure.

3) Placing items in the overhead bin when sitting in bulkhead seat

If you're seated between two cabins, you'll need to store your bag in the overhead compartment if you're facing the wall.

4) Sharing the armrests

According to a British Airways survey on aircraft etiquette, most respondents believe the person in the middle seat should get both armrests.

5) Ask before reclining the seat

It can be easier to get some shut-eye if you recline your seat, but always check with the person in front of you before doing so.

6) Keep conversations short

Sometimes you'll meet someone on the plane with similar interests. Even if you're enjoying the chat, some passengers may not. So avoid that.

7) Limit the alcohol intake

It's fine to drink on the plane before your vacation. Don't get so drunk that you spill vodka on your neighbor's trousers or lose your suitcase at the airport.

8) Avoid eating smelly food

Most passengers would prefer not to breathe fishy odors for the duration of their flight, despite the convenience of tuna salad as an aircraft snack.

9) Don't do personal grooming

To offset the dryness of the cabin air, you may use hand lotion or eye drops. Don't even think about trimming your nails or cleaning your ears or picking your nose.

10) Keep your kids under control

No one can blame you if your baby cries on the plane, despite your best efforts. Older students can learn about airplane etiquette and how their actions affect others.

11) Wait for your turn

No one should tumble down an aisle before anyone else has had a chance to stand up after a long flight, even if you're eager to get off.

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