11 Etiquette Rules Mostly People Have Forgotten!

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1) Your Party? You Pay

Unless the invite indicates otherwise, a party host should pay. Some people receive computerized solicitations for money after a dinner party or other gathering.

2) Respecting … Everyone

The elderly, service workers, immigrants, and strangers are commonly disrespected today. Kindness and compassion should return.

3) Using Personal Titles

Irritating to hear a bank teller ask, "Anything else, Mary?" when you've never seen her before Why don't we have any Mrs., Miss, or Ms. anymore?

4) Opening the Car Door for a Lady

Your date opens the car door for you before leaving. This actually happened, kids. Ah, when gallantry was the norm.

5) The Proper Response

When you say thank you in a store, especially to millennials, they always say "No problem." Red-hot. No, it's "Your Welcome.''

6) Dressing Appropriately

Many feel that what you wear reveals how much you appreciate those around you and what led you there.

7) Table Talk

According to rules of etiquette, you shouldn't eat anything until everyone at the table has had their meal. Using the correct utensils when you eat is also expected.

8) Hats Off!

Gentlemen used to remove their hats inside. Today's caps, fedoras, and cowboy hats stay put inside and out.

9) Stand Up for the Ladies

Men stand to show respect when a woman leaves the table to use the restroom. Huh? Yes, back then. Men also greeted the visitor.

10) After You

Another common courtesy is to hold the door open for the person in front of you or to wait for someone to leave before entering.

11) Cinematic Courtesies

Shouting at the screen, yelling at your mate, or even texting or taking a phone call are all out of the question.

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