11 Most Loved Dog Breeds of 2022

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1) Labrador retriever

The Labrador retriever has been America's favorite dog for the past 31 years. They are friendly & outgoing, and they adore retrieving balls, frisbees, and anything else you throw.

2) French bulldog

Frenchies are generally affectionate toward their owners, new people, and other animals. They are also canines with few words, or more precisely, few barks.

3) Golden retriever

They're happy in a household with young, active children, but also great for elderly. They're energetic and need exercise, but they're open to everything.

4) German shepherd

Intelligent, protective, athletic, versatile, and active describe German shepherds. Smart and trainable. Also, the dedicated dogs.

5) Poodle

Why do people fall in love with poodles? Their luscious, wavy hair. Yes, that's correct. Because poodles have hair, rather than fur, some people may not be allergic to them.

6) Bulldog

They're sweet, predictable, and dependable, and that's a given. They like to laze around but will go on short walks if the weather isn't too hot or chilly.

7) Beagle

It's no secret that beagles are a lot of fun to be around—literally. When they get a sniff of anything exciting, they'll likely disregard your calls to come back and pursue it.

8) Rottweiler

These guard dog breeds appear cold and unfriendly at first appearance, but in truth they are extremely affectionate and faithful to their human companions.

9) Dachshund

One of the least expensive dog breeds and most likely to be a single-person companion, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a great value for the money.

10) Pembroke Welsh corgi

Corgis are attractive and low-maintenance, like other low-maintenance dog breeds. They're easy to train and happy to be homebodies, but won't refuse a stroll.

11) Yorkshire terrier

Yorkie is the breed's ambassador. It's fierce, tenacious, and brave. They're attentive, watchful, and aloof with strangers, making them superb watchdogs.

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