11 New Rules to Follow for Air Travel!

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1) Masks

Since single-use surgical masks must be replaced every four hours, you must have additional masks and hand wipes for the duration of your vacation.

2) Physical Distancing

The next time you fly, one of the new rules will require you to maintain a physical distance from other passengers in the airport, at the TSA screening, & throughout boarding.

3) Self-check-in

Use paperless and contactless self-check-in to eliminate touchpoints between passengers, flight crew, and airport workers.

4) Health check

Check-in procedures for United Airlines and other foreign airlines and airports now include a less thorough but less invasive health and safety step.

5) Separate your food

Travelers are being asked to separate carry-on food items for X-ray screening by putting the items in a clear plastic bag and placing it in a separate bin.

6) Automated baggage check-in

Automated Baggage Check-In kiosks are permitted by Turkish Airlines in several airports to eliminate passenger-baggage handler contact.

7) Onboard physical distancing

Most airlines will leave the middle seat free for greater space. Southwest Airlines won't fill middle seats until at least August 1.

8) New Boarding Rules

Delta boards clients ten at a time, whereas other carriers, including Turkish Air, combine a reduction in boarding groups with back-to-front row boarding after pre-boarding.

9) New liquid limit

While all other aerosols, liquids, and gels must be under 3.4 ounces, the TSA has allowed one 12-ounce liquid hand sanitizer per person.

10) Pack a lighter carry-on

Delta flight attendants can no longer help hoist carry-on bags into the overhead bin, so pack lighter or get stronger.

11) No more automatic seat upgrades

For frequent fliers, priority seat upgrades can still be granted, but they will only be granted at the gate.

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