11 Signs That You Partner Is Not Happy With You!

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1) They’re always negative

Does your partner respond adversely when you talk? Negative communication "may include anything that makes one person unhappy, insecure, or ignored."

2) They act like your roommate

If your partner appears more like a roommate and there's a lack of contact, conversation, and intimacy, it may be time for counseling.

3) They flirt with others

Your boyfriend suddenly started flirting? Be worried if your flirting increases. It suggests they're seeking intimacy elsewhere.

4) They become sarcastic

Indirect criticism can be sarcastic. Ask yourself if your partner's sarcasm is part of their personality or a recent development.

5) They are not getting personal

Do you and your partner chat about personal things or chores? Personal disconnection can signal a breakup.

6) They're acting strange

Your partner may seem great, but they're off recently. Not responding to inside jokes or not wanting to do activities together could indicate discontent.

7) They don't want relationship talks

Does your partner avoid or avoid discussing your relationship when you try? They may not want to talk if they're unhappy.

8) They feel happy away from you

Does your partner no longer appreciate the pleasant things you do together, but loves a night out with friends or a pickup basketball game?

9) They are not appreciative now

If your partner stopped telling you what they loved or appreciated in you, they may not be noticing the good in your relationship.

10) They have changed desires

Less sex may be an indication that your partner is dissatisfied, but a dramatic change in what they want may indicate a larger problem.

11) They skip date nights

When was the last time you and your partner went on a fun, enjoyable date? Find out why they don't seem interested in reviving the practice if it's been a long time.

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