5-5 Fashion Trends That Men & Women Hate of Each Other

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Fashion Trends That Men Hate of Women!

1) Wearing too much makeup

When applied correctly, a girl's make-up can be truly wonderful. One thing that should never happen is excessive use.

2) Offensive Amount of Cleavage

When you have too much cleavage, it diverts attention from your face, what you say, and so on.

3) An over-sexed Vibe

It's good that our attractiveness intimidates. Our miniskirts. Santos worries about who else she's slept with because of our platform stilettos. Ouch.

4) Copying a celebrity

It's quite clear when a female has the same hairdo and dresses like her favorite celebrity.

5) Excessive Accessorization

If a lady wears expensive clothes, she either has a lot of money and buys them herself or she expects you to buy them for her. If you can't afford her, she won't date you.

Fashion Trends That Women Hate of Men!

1) Shirt unbuttoned with hair sticking out

That's yucky! Men with chest hair should avoid unbuttoning two-three buttons.

2) Dirty Fingernails

Women understand nail-biting. If your nails are unclean and chewed, they won't want you touching us.

3) Greasy Hair

Even if you don't have much hair, keep it clean. We can run our fingers through them or rub your scalp without becoming dirty.

4) Rock-Hard Hair

Women want firmness, but not on the head. Again, they want to run their hands through your hair unimpeded.

5) Muscle Shirts

Relax, your muscles aren't needed just yet. A well-fitting muscle shirt is a surefire indicator of narcissism. When you remove your shirt, we'll be able to see your manly physique.

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