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5 Signs You're Being Loved Bombed!

1) Getting Lot's of Expensive Gifts

This is a love bomb when your lover gives you a present that is over the top but also tells you how expensive it is. 

These gifts are next-level love bombing. It can be a limited edition of a book you love. Not a mall necklace, but Tiffany & Co.

2) Lot's of attention & compliments

What was once lovely and charming becomes too much when you wake up to SMS praising you every morning.

They tell you via text and face-to-face that you're their soulmate and they need to be with you always.

3) Expectation of being always there for them

 Since they're constantly giving you presents & accolades and placing you first in their lives, they want you to do the same.

When their neediness makes you feel bad for not always being with them, you have a love bomber.

4) You're Being Smothered

Constant communication, gifts, flattery, and neediness will smother you. Like, you can't escape them.

They may threaten to end the relationship, saying you don't appreciate it, or hurt you, loved ones, or themselves.

5) Relationship evolving quickly

You've been on a few dates, and now their family and friends have heard so much about you. How?

Love bombers won't listen if you say you're not ready. Their needs matter, not yours. They never consider your needs.

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