6 Early Signs That Your Marriage Will Definitely Last!

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1) You both accept each other's differences

Respecting one other's differences helps a marriage last. When spouses view their differences as challenges not catastrophes, their marriage will last.

If he likes to spend money, don't try to change him; work with it. If she enjoys a bit of danger in order to grow your money, belt up and have fun.

2) You both love without limits

As long as you and your spouse are able to accept and love each other for who they are, your marriage is likely to be successful. 

You accept each other's good, bad, and weird parts. Sharing your honest feelings deepens your love.

3) You both accept each other's past

You don't hold his past against him, regardless of who he was, how many women he's had sex with, or how he was raised. 

You help him redefine himself and grow. You promise to approach each day with curiosity about who he's becoming. Your relationship completes this way.

4) Putting each other first

Couples are on solid ground in their relationship when they have moved from 'me' to 'us,' and their first priority is to make each other feel safe and secure. 

Even if they only contributed 2% to the situation, they apologize after a fight. They express appreciation often, and their sexual relationship is satisfying.

5) Communicating with kindness

When you and your spouse are able to discuss even the most difficult topics with a sense of calm and openness, you can be sure that your union will continue.

When you have these conversations, you don't use them as a method to get your own way. You're not afraid to celebrate the things that make you unique.

6) You enjoy quality time altogether

Friendship and shared meaning fuel marriages. Happy couples resolve conflict without name-calling or criticizing.

Successful couples are inquiring and receptive to each other's inner worlds. Despite obstacles, the pair is loving and accepting.

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