6 Signs Your Date Isn't Ready to Commit!

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1) They show you as better

People utilize "I'm not worthy of you" to boost your self-esteem. It's a way to build you up but also plant a seed of leaving.

Consider it an indication of a narcissist and a manipulative method, and decide if you'd prefer to focus your attention elsewhere.

2) They are not clear about future plans

If a person does not foresee a long-term relationship with you, they may be hesitant to schedule a trip to Italy or concert tickets in the future.

This can appear as someone responding, "Yes, that sounds fantastic," but failing to add, "Let's schedule this for next Saturday."

3) They're inconsistent

In one day they'll be open and vulnerable with you, the next they'll be evasive, flippant, and unable to talk about their own feelings

If you make a lot of plans one week then none the following, you may be experiencing this problem. Even a "I'm too busy" excuse would suffice.

4) You feel good together but not alone

It's a red flag if you're always fretting about the future of the relationship yet still enjoy the dates.

Again, you may occasionally brush this off by saying that the person is busy. However, if you do not feel like a priority between dates, it is likely that you are not.

5) They say they need to find themselves

Sometimes we mix a prospective partner's desire to know oneself with a growth attitude, which can be an attractive attribute.

However, this can be an indication that this individual is not ready to commit to a long-term relationship or plan for the future.

6) They always look for next party

You may be dating someone who isn't ready for a long-term commitment if your dates are always parties, cocktail hours, or other social gatherings. 

To have a healthy connection, we need to know the other person intimately and want them to know us. This means one-on-one talks and encounters.

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