6 Ways to Invest Without Stock Market!

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1) Real estate

If you want to invest in real estate, you may either buy a property or invest in a REIT (REIT).

You may be able to reap the benefits of a steady cash flow and potential appreciation by purchasing a property and renting it out.

2) Peer-to-peer lending

P2P lending is another option to invest. Peerform and Prosper are additional lending sites. P2P lending promises higher profits than elsewhere.

The risk may be higher, and borrowers may have low credit scores and not qualify for conventional loans.

3) Municipal bonds

Many investors appreciate municipal bonds since the interest isn't federally taxed. Some investors can profit from this.

Using a broker or self-managed account, you can acquire municipal bonds directly. There are municipal bond mutual funds and ETFs.

4) Treasury bonds

Treasury bonds are a safe, government-backed investment. TreasuryDirect lets you set maturities and face values.

In addition to Treasury bonds, index funds and index ETFs focus on bonds, including TIPS. Many brokerage accounts let you buy Treasury bonds.

5) Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin can be profitable for individuals willing to speculate. Lesser-known (and cheaper) tokens may be the next big thing.

Coinbase and Gemini make it reasonably simple to buy cryptocurrency. To retain and manage your tokens, these exchanges even give you access to a digital wallet.

6) Art & other collectibles

Art and other items can also be bought and sold. Millions of dollars aren't necessary either.

You can buy shares in precious artwork, historic cars, and even high-end sneakers on platforms like Masterworks and Rally.

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