8 Expenses That Retirees Regret Later!

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1) Purchasing a Big House

Buying a large house at this point is actually a bad idea. When your primary source of income has been cut off, you don't want to increase your spending at the same time.

2) Luxury Travel Experiences

If you spend a large sum of money on a round-the-world vacation for two immediately after retiring, you may jeopardize your future financial security.

3) Luxury items for family & friends

You should always be generous with gifts of appreciation, but you should also be mindful of your own financial security when doing so.

4) Giving Money To Children 

You'll likely regret totally supporting your adult children or lavishing them with cash. You risk denying them independence and may need that money in your later years.

5) Expensive Cars

Having a comfortable car in retirement is totally sensible, but you'll have to weigh the prices against your budget.

6) Online Shopping

When contemplating retirement, extra leisure time is one of the most anticipated benefits. However, if you lack financial discipline, your leisure time could cost you.

7) Additional Insurance

As a retiree, having enough insurance is a necessity. Overspending on insurance, on the other hand, is unwise and can deplete your savings account prematurely.

8) A Vacation Home

Retirees often regret buying a vacation house to spend time with friends and family. Second residences have worse tax repercussions.

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