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8 Signs You Had Emotionally Abusive Parents

1) Moody

If your parents' mood swings made you feel like you had to walk on eggshells, this may be emotional abuse. This dread would increase a child's stress.

2) Overly critical

Parents sometimes overreact to criticism and focus on the bad. If you can connect your severe inner-critic to your parents, they may have gone too far.

3) Dismissing your emotions

A parent may tell their angry youngster they're overreacting or too sensitive. Extreme cases may be dismissed as attention-seeking.

4) Passive aggression

Subtle emotional abuse. A child will struggle to understand yet intuitively feel their parent's coldness.

5) Overly anxious

This is yet another situation that puts the child under strain. Long-term repercussions, including health difficulties later in life, have been linked to high amounts of cortisol.

6) Guilt trips

Adults are usually able to discern when someone is trying to force their will upon them. Think about whether or whether your parents did the same thing.

7) Silent treatment

The silent treatment is never a good method to handle interpersonal issues. Your parent may have been emotionally abusive if they ignored you when you upset them.

8) Present but absent

It's bad if a parent is physically there but emotionally absent. Maybe they're always on their phone, stuck at home, or abusing drugs or alcohol.

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