8 Things that Devalue A Home!

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1) Location

High crime areas, remoteness, and poor school districts are a few examples of poor locations that can lower a house's value.

2) Shoddy Repairs

"Shoddy repairs" are the most common cause of a home's decreased value. Temporary solutions are acceptable, but homeowners should make necessary repairs to ensure their property is safe.

3) Ignoring Maintenance

Numerous homeowners put off or postpone basic maintenance and upkeep tasks, such as seasonal HVAC maintenance, roof repairs, gutter repairs and cleaning, and exterior cleaning.

4) Unpermitted Work

Permits are often required for additions, new decks, electrical and plumbing installations, etc. When your home has unpermitted renovations, its value will decrease.

5) Poor Quality Paint Job

The exterior of your home is a potential buyer's first impression. A huge turnoff is exterior paint that is aging, chipping, or peeling. A further disadvantage of painting your property a unique hue exists.

6) Over-Customization

You should personalize your home, but not too much. Too much personalisation makes it hard for purchasers to imagine living there.

7) Poor Curb Appeal

One of the fastest ways to devalue your property is to neglect the exterior of your home and yard.

8) Outdated Features

Homebuyers think a home with outdated features hasn't been updated since it was built. Purchase offers reflect the cost of updating the home's HVAC, windows, and appliances.

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