8 Tips to Supplement Your Social Security!

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1) Avoid overpaying online

Online shopping is convenient. It's convenient, but finding the greatest offers can be time-consuming, leading to overpaying. Find coupons or offers instead.

2) Chane your car insurance

Overpriced auto insurance might cost you $500 a year. You should terminate your current insurance because some better options are there. 

3) Invest in Gold

As inflation soars, you may want to diversify your investments, especially if you're retired or nearing retirement. What if the stock market crashes? Consider gold.

4) Don't let home repairs drain your account

Your homeowner's insurance won't cover a broken air conditioner. A house warranty can shield you from unexpected repair costs.

5) Get no interest credit card

Imagine avoiding credit card interest. The BankAmericard® Credit Card can substantially improve your finances.

6) Get out of $10,000 debt or more

Debt can be stressful to pay off. The more you wait, the tougher it becomes to fix. If you don't control it early, it can cause years of stress.

7) Get bonus credit card

Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card Rates and Fees are sensible. Easy 2% cash back on eligible purchases. One of the greatest cash-back alternatives

8) Ditch your mortgage lender

If you want to save $100, $200, $500 next month, eliminate your mortgage. Use mortgage tools to find better rates and deals.

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