8 Unexpected Services That Social Security Provides!

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1) Benefits for non-retirees

SSA provides retirement benefits to certain age groups. Right?  Widows, parents, children, the disabled, and the blind also can get benefits.

2) Medicare Drug Costs

Social Security simplifies Medicare A and B enrollment. It handles "Extra Help" applications, which lower Medicare Part D costs for eligible seniors by $5,100 per year.

3) Replacement Medicare cards

What you may not be aware of is that you may also get a replacement Medicare card online from the SSA.

4) Proof of Income

Proof of income may be requested when for various purposes. Social Security Benefit Verification Letters are one source of proof.

5) Baby name ideas

The SSA contains data on popular baby names from 1880. Find the most popular baby names by state for a specific year, decade, or century.

6) Calculators for many queries

How long will I live in retirement? How do I quit? How much government money can I get? SSA has calculators for these and other questions.

7) Old income records

In your online "earnings record," the SSA may tell you exactly how much you made. Even if you don't want to reminisce, review your earnings record often.

8) Representative payees

People sometimes can't manage Social Security or SSI money. Social Security can appoint a representative payee in these circumstances to manage money.

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