9 Brain Harming Daily Habits to Avoid!

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1) Skipping breakfast

If you don't have breakfast, your brain will use up its reserves and work harder. This can reduce concentration, memory, mood, and physical and mental performance.

2) Lazy lifestyle

Long-term inactivity can impair brain function. Physical activity promotes learning, happiness, and protects age-related memory decline.

3) Too Much Coffee

Caffeine suppresses a tranquilizing neurotransmitter, producing sleeplessness. Diuretics and stimulants overwork the brain, causing headaches.

4) Smoking

Cigarette nicotine impairs brain function by decreasing blood flow and reducing the amount of glucose and oxygen reaching the brain.

5) Loud Music

Loud music harms memory, learning, and brain cells. High decibels are associated to gray matter loss.

6) Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation has been shown to hasten the demise of brain cells, leaving you drowsy and unpleasant.

7) Excessive drinking

Social interaction is good for the brain, but having too many good times might be harmful. Excessive alcohol use is linked to cognitive decline in children and adolescents.

8) Too Much Fast Food

According to a study conducted by the University of Montreal, junk food high in fat might affect brain chemistry, resulting in symptoms of despair and anxiety.

9) Canned tuna

When ingested in excess, tuna can significantly increase mercury levels in the body, which is detrimental to mental health.

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