9 Compliments That Are Actually Insulting!

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1) "Hey, you're on time!"

You're simply drawing attention to the fact that they tend to be late. As a side note, this can also come across as arrogant.

2) "Your new hairstyle makes you look so much younger!"

Do not go into detail about the compliment; simply accept it as received.

3) "I'm so impressed that you are handling the kids so well!"

In general, complimenting your spouse's parenting can make it appear as though you're amazed they're doing it at all.

4) "You are such a strong person!"

Unfortunately, mentioning this only serves to draw attention to how miserable their life is right now rather than offering any solutions.

5) "You're a really good driver... for a woman!"

In addition to its numerous sickening versions, this "compliment" is frequently used to insinuate biases such as racism or sexism.

6) "You're so gorgeous!"

Commenting on a coworker, acquaintance, or stranger's appearance can make someone feel uncomfortable or harassed, depending on the situation.

7) "You look great for your age!"

When you say someone looks fantastic for their age, you mean they're not lovely or handsome in general, simply compared to crones.

8) "You're so pretty, how are you still single?"

So you're saying that they're not only depressed spinsters; something else is keeping them that way as well.

9) "Look at that, your girlfriend is smoking hot!"

It is never a good idea to compliment someone's significant other's looks because it implies that you are comparing them to other people.

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