9 Creative Ways to Use Empty Milk Jugs!

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1) Fill With Water

Fill with water and use to fill empty freezer spaces. When your freezer is full, it runs more efficiently! – When filling a cooler, utilize the ice-filled jugs as ice packs.

2) Make a funnel

Turn the milk jug upside down and cut off the bottom. The funnel can be used to fill larger containers or for other tasks.

3) Water Saver

To lessen the volume of water used with each flush, fill the jug with pebbles and drop it into the toilet tank. This is a frugal way to reduce water use.

4) As Weight

Fill with sand and use as weights to secure a tarp or anything else that should not be allowed to fly away.

5) Bird Feeder

Make a bird feeder out of a milk jug. You can be creative here, beginning with the linked project for inspiration!

6) Refrigerator Organizer

Cut the bottoms of the jugs off to use as refrigerator organizers. They can be used to organize vegetables as well as to hold condiment bottles and catch drips.

7) As A Scoop

Create a scoop. Keep the cover on and remove the bottom section. Use the handle as the scoop's handle. Use the scoop around the house, garage, or garden.

8) As a storage

Put dry things in them (rice, sugar, etc.) It is more convenient to buy large quantities at once, and to store and transport them in jugs for extended periods of time.

9) Watering Can

Use a little nail to create around twenty holes in the cap. Fill the container with water, replace the cover, and then pour over your plants.

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