9 Frugal Attempts That Cost Extra Money

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1) Too Much Meal Prep

Preparing meals in advance helps you avoid fast food and takeaway. But the too much meal prep can go bad, resulting in wasting.

2) Spending too much on food ingredients

Cooking at home is cheaper than eating out, unless you buy fancy groceries and 10 unique ingredients for each recipe.

3) Buying things just for sake of sale

Money-saving excitement might distort judgment. You buy BOGO products, sale apparel, and Groupon bargains without thinking about what you need or want.

4) Driving too far to get lowest gas price

For 10 cents per gallon, you can save money at a gas station across town, but you'll be wasting petrol on the drive there and back.

5) Going carless but spending money on taxi

 If you use Uber every day and hire a car every other weekend, these costs may exceed the price of the automobile.

6) Buying old car without proper check

Used cars may not be in good shape. If you buy from a dodgy seller and don't check the car's history, you may get a money hole.

7) Signing up for free trails but not forgetting canceling 

When you neglect to cancel free trials before the trial period ends, you're charged for items you never planned to buy.

8) Losing time & money on DIY projects

Even though you believe that doing it yourself will save you money, the finished product is nothing like what you had envisioned. It's trashed right away.

9) Signing for rewards credit card 

Reward credit cards offer cash back or points for future purchases. But if you hold a balance, interest might offset the perks and savings.

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