9 Important Tips for Better Fuel-Economy!

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1) Keep tank at half

Keep at least a half-tank of fuel during chilly winter months and when there is a chance of shortages, such as a lack of gas delivery drivers or an impending hurricane.

2) Check for prices online

Local gas prices can be found easily on apps and websites like GasBuddy, making it simple to get the best deals in your neighborhood or when traveling.

3) Drive Evenly

Avoid abrupt acceleration and deceleration as much as possible. The greater the acceleration, the more fuel is consumed. Unnecessary braking consumes the fuel.

4) Pay attention to aerodynamics

Unuse roof racks. Over 50% of engine power is used to overcome aerodynamic drag at motorway speeds. Don't pile unnecessary items on the roof.

5) Buy good quality gas

The voluntary participation of various gas station brands, including Chevron, Costco, Exxon, Mobil, and Shell, results in higher-quality gas. 

6) Obey Speed Limits

Follow speed restrictions and drive gently while driving. Your driving habits can have a substantial impact on fuel economy.

7) Avoid unnecessary travel

If you can delay errands or other activities, you'll save gas and lower overall usage, reducing gas shortage.

8) Check tire-pressure

ire pressures that are lower than what is recommended on your doorjamb sticker can have an impact on performance, tire longevity, and fuel economy.

9) Skip the AC

The use of air conditioning consumes gas. If you can get by without it in mild weather, even opening the windows will result in incremental savings.

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