9 Most Pointless Job Skills Employers Reject Today!

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1) Microsoft Word

The use of Word has become so commonplace in the workplace that proficiency in it is now taken for granted. Including it on your resume could come out as puffery.

2) Data entry

Unless the position specifically asks for data entry skills, it's best to leave them off your resume. If so, please name a database entry application that you are fluent in.

3) Packaging & shipping

Because of email and web-based tools that print labels and track products, packing and shipping are becoming commonplace and simple tasks.

4) Phone support

Some organizations have replaced landlines with smartphones for each employee. So, include phone support on your CV may date you.

5) Typing

Typing has become a universal skill as most people have computers at work. Schools teach typing to many young pupils.

6) Online research

Finding a database or hard-to-find info on the internet used to be crucial. Most workers today utilize search engines to find information.

7) Filing

Since physical files have been replaced by digital ones, it is the responsibility of the IT department to be familiar with filing systems and file folders.

8) Email

Previously, understanding how to compose, send, and receive emails was a novel notion, but this is no longer the case.

9) College degree

Employers may not value college degrees as much as they used to. Don't oversell your degree. It's fine to showcase relevant certifications or continuing education classes.

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