9 Signs That You Are in A Toxic Relationship

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1) Your partner keep tabs on your

There's something wrong if your lover wants to know where you're at all times. It's a bad sign if you're continuously having to defend yourself.

2) You excuse your partner's behavior

When you say things about partner and people around you tell you that they aren't good for you, it's a sign that you should be careful.

3) Blame Game

Is blaming the name of the game when it comes to your romance? It's difficult when one or both partners are blaming the other.

4) Your authenticity gone

If you're constantly on eggshells, it could be a warning sign. You're not obligated to be the person your partner wants you to be just because they say so.

5) You or your partner is dishonest

Dishonesty might be an early indicator of a larger problem in the relationship. It's because they're afraid of telling the truth that someone can't be honest.

6) You give too much support

There may be situations in which you agree to do that for a limited time, but if it's out of balance and continues indefinitely, it's not a good situation.

7) You try to rescue them

Think you can improve your relationship with your partner? Think again. It is the propensity to believe you can save someone. You must be cautious with this.

8) Compromising of ideals

In situations where it appears that you are always making concessions, when you are the one who is giving and the one who is taking, it is necessary to take a step back.

9) Regular Arguing

Many think fighting is normal, but it's not. No constructive debates. Physiologically, our thinking is overpowered, causing disagreements.

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