9 Signs of Your Car's Tire Pressure Sensor Being Faulty!

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1) Warning light on even tires are inflated

Even if you pump your tires to maximum capacity, if the tire pressure sensor is defective, the problem will persist.

2) Erratic warnings

Once tires are properly inflated, the warning light should turn off. If your car still beeps and the warning light is intermittent, a tire pressure sensor may be faulty.

3) Tires inflated rightly, but warning light on

If your tires don't change when inflated to the recommended pressure or lower, the TPMS may be broken.

4) Tire pressure monitors are checked but light is on

You may have a malfunctioning tire sensor or receiver, which receives sensor signals and sends them to other car parts.

5) Low tire pressure but TPMS sensors not working

In some cars, low tire pressure might impact four wheels, yet only one may show on the dashboard. TPMS won't work if all sensors are broken.

6) Warning light does not on after over inflation

If you overinflate your tires and the warning light stops blinking but remains, it could be a defective tire pressure sensor.

7) Pressure Changes overnight

This could be the result of a defective tire pressure sensor or TPMS receiver malfunction.

8) Warning light on even after resetting it

You may have a malfunctioning tire pressure sensor or an issue with your TPMS receiver, if the warning light is still on after you've reset it.

9) Not reporting low tire pressures 

This indicates that the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) is malfunctioning, and you should take your vehicle to an authorized service center immediately.

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