9 Signs Your Car Dealership Is Scamming You

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1) The Disappearing Financing Act

After driving home in your new car, the dealer calls to tell you that your on-the-spot financing application was refused & you need to take a loan at a higher rate.

2) Rushing You Into a Deal

When dealers feel hesitancy, they'll tell buyers the deal they provided is only good that day or that another buyer wants the same automobile.

3) The Low Credit Score Scam

Unscrupulous sellers mislead automobile purchasers their credit score is lower than it is. It also means missing out on dealer incentives.

4) Making You Pay For Dealer Prep

The fee reportedly compensates dealers for extra labor in securing your vehicle. In reality, it's a hidden add-on.

5) Not paying the trade-in loan

In the end, the bank provided you the money to buy the car, and you are responsible for repaying it—not the unscrupulous dealer.

6) Avoiding Discussion of Monthly Payments

When asking about a buyer's budget, salespeople frequently use monthly payments as a unit of measurement. Don't fall for the ruse.

7) Doing a Bait-and-Switch With Advertised Deals

 A significantly less enticing deal awaits most buyers when they arrive at the dealership to purchase the identical vehicle.

8) Saddling You With Interest and Taxes on Rebates

When redeeming rebates, have them applied to the car's price. Otherwise, you have to pay interest and taxes on a dealer's sent check.

9) Selling Useless Add-ons

Dealers make enormous profits by deceiving naïve buyers that extras are genuinely needs. Called "add-ons," these upcharges are often utterly needless.

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