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9 Smart Tips to Avoid Absurd Hotel Fees

1) Call Ahead

Calling ahead and asking about packages, many of which include cost waivers for Wi-Fi and parking, is a common way to save fees.

2) Negotiate for a Waiver

Some hotels will eliminate fees if you inform them at check-in that you will not be using the covered amenities, such as Wi-Fi, the gym, or the pool.

3) Avoid hotels with fees

The most reliable method for avoiding hotel fees is to avoid hotels that impose them. Choose businesses that disclose all fees in advance.

4) Choose Home Rentals

Instead of staying in hotels, rent a private house through websites like VRBO and Homestay. Typical fees include a cleaning deposit and a booking fee.

5) Get loyalty program elite status

If you have achieved elite status in a hotel loyalty program, you may be exempt from certain fees, such as late check-out and internet fees.

6) Book with rewards points

According to ThePointsGuy, some hotel chains or specific hotels within a chain will waive resort fees when booking with rewards points.

7) Park elsewhere

Even hotels and motels in the suburbs have begun charging for parking in their non-valet lots. Therefore, park elsewhere.

8) Avoid the minibar

Keep away from the hotel's minibar unless you're desperate or prepared to pay a lot of money for it. Don't even open the fridge in your room.

9) Foil Wi-Fi fees

There are fewer and fewer hotels that charge for in-room Internet service. A neighborhood Starbucks or independently owned coffee shop is the alternative. 

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