9 Theories on What Happens After You Die!

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1) The simulation theory

Do you ever feel like everything is programmed? But what if death were? The simulation theory says that our lives are just numbers in the video game of a more powerful being.

2) The Rastafarian theory

Rastafarians think that life will always go on. People only die when they refuse to do what is right. Because of this, in their culture, funerals are not really big events.

3) The never-ending life theory

This says that when you die, you come back to life right away, but you don't remember anything about the life you just lived.

4) The cosmic theory

The cosmic theory says that our minds are part of the universe, not our own bodies. When you die, your mind goes back to the universe.

5) The Buddhist theory

Buddhists believe that people come back to life after they die. After you die, you can come back as a god, a demi-god, a human, an animal, or a ghost.

6) The parallel universe theory

This theory says that when we die, we will still be living in the same universe, but in a different place and time.

7) The dream theory

According to the dream idea, when we die, we will simply awaken from a long, vivid, and very complex dream. To pinch oneself.

8) The Aztec theory

Fallen soldiers and dying mothers became sun-following hummingbirds. Mictlan received "less glorious" deaths. Tlalocan received drowning victims.

9) Plato's theory

Death, in Plato's view, is merely the transition from one life to another; it is not the end of the journey.

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