9 Things to Never Buy at Airport

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1) Bottled Water

Never purchase bottled water from an airport. Instead, pass through security with an empty water bottle and fill it up afterward.

2) Snacks

Always pack a few snacks in your handbag or carry-on to keep satisfied in the airport and during the flight. Snacks are more expensive than what you would pay at a grocery shop.

3) Headphones

Audio equipment can make your travel more comfortable, but if you purchase it at the airport, it's unlikely that the movie or podcast will be worth the cost.

4) Currency Exchange Services

Don't exchange money at the airport before traveling. In the absence of competition, airport currency exchange stations charge exorbitant fees

5) Luggage

Similarly, individuals who sell luggage in airports are aware that those who acquire it are desperate travelers, and the price reflects this.

6) Travel Adapters

Never purchase the adapter needed to use your cords and plugs in your destination country at the airport.

7) Neck Pillows

Travelers should be aware that many of the neck pillows available at airports are of poor quality and costly. Consumers in pain are willing to spend a lot of money to get some relief.

8) Souvenirs

Buying gifts for loved ones back home is all about the thought, but don't let that thought take hold while you're waiting in the airport.

9) Medicine

Remembering that you forgot to bring Advil or eye drops to the airport is not the best location to remember — and you'll pay much more for much less if you do.

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