9 Unusual Toppings That Can Make Nachos Tastier!

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1) Olives

Yes, yes, yes — a lot of people dislike olives. But every now and then, you just want a little extra salt with your creamy, melted cheese goodness. We do not pass judgment.

2) Calamari

In coastal locations, fish tacos and nachos with fried or sautéed calamari are popular. Calamari nachos slathered in marinara sauce sound like an interesting combination.

3) Jerk chicken

Certainly, if you frequent enough sports pubs, you will find BBQ chicken or buffalo chicken nachos buried on the menu. Put some jerk chicken and Scotch Bonnet peppers on your nachos.

4) Fried avocado

Avocados aren't always in season, but we've discovered that panko crumbs, flour, and an egg wash may do wonders to salvage avocados that aren't at their prime.

5) Ropa

We can't get enough of ropa, the Cuban national cuisine, whether it's prepared with beef, pork, chicken, or even jackfruit.

6) Nopales

Grilled nopales (cactus paddles) are a wonderful addition to nachos with everything. Despite the spines, they are manageable to clean on your own.

7) Roasted corn

If you use frozen or fresh roasted corn, your nachos will be much more than cheese, salsa, and tortilla chips.

8) Fried Shrimp

Everyone is accustomed to shrimp ceviches; next time, spice things up by adding fried shrimp to your nachos. A shrimp battered in beer.

9) Gyro

Spices, onions, beef. We've placed sliced gyro meat on nachos before. Homemade healthier version? You can also use chicken gyro and hummus on nachos.

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