9 Uses of Car Key Fob You Mat Not Know!

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1) Starting car remotely

You may be able to use your car key fob to remotely start your vehicle on cold days, depending on your state's laws.

2) Lowering the windows

Many car key fobs can now pull down all windows at once, writes HuffPost. Try holding down the unlock button twice until all windows open.

3) Folding the mirrors

If you've guided your vehicle into a tight parking place, your key fob can prevent your side-view mirrors from being knocked off by a passing vehicle.

4) For unlocking the trunk

In previous cars, you may have needed a mechanical key to open the trunk, but current models feature key fobs that do the same thing.

5) Starting car with key fob

As long as the key fob is in the vehicle with you and your foot is on the brake, it can be used to start or stop your vehicle.

6) Finding the car

The panic button on practically every car's key fob will help you locate your vehicle even in the most congested parking garages.

7) Unlocking the car

This may sound apparent, unless you have a keyless car and a dead fob. Fewer cars use mechanical keys as keyless ignitions gain popularity.

8) Adjusting the seat

Some GMC models allow you to "remember" your preferred seating position. Each key fob is allocated a unique number, allowing the automobile to identify the driver.

9) Parking the car

Never again be concerned with damaging another vehicle. According to Business Insider, the key fob for Teslas may be used to park the vehicle in tight areas.

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