Avoid These Mistakes At The Grocery Store!

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1) Avoiding store brands

When you find a better offer, consider trying out other brands, even the store's own. You may discover a new favorite and save money.

2) Not paying with rewards credit card

A rewards credit card means getting more for your spending, whether it's travel points, bill credits, or cash back.

3) Shopping when hungry

If you don't eat before you go shopping, you'll be tempted at every turn by these endcap snack displays. You may  "accidentally" add some beloved items to your cart.

4) Shopping by recipe

It's uncommon that multiple items for a dish will be on sale at once. Not knowing if you'll like it or only making it once might also contribute to waste.

5) Waiting until you run of supplies

Some items spoil quickly, but many don't. If something you eat often is on sale, it may be worth buying even if you still have some.

6) Shopping in-store

Many supermarkets provide curbside pickup. This saves time and forces you to shop beforehand, ideally from a list, reducing impulse buys.

7) Ignoring unit prices

Grocery store sizes and combinations might be overwhelming. Comparing unit pricing is the only method to find the best deal.

8) Not understanding sales terms

Do you know the buy-one-get-one limit? Buy two, get two? Understanding sales can help you save money and avoid overbuying.

9) Not using cash-back app

A cash-back app such as Ibotta grants you access to cash rebates on purchases made at a variety of grocery stores and retailers, including Walmart. 

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