Beware! These Are Bad Hygiene Habits!

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1) Using Phone in Toilet

It's tempting to take your phone to the bathroom to check social media, but it picks up germs you'll spread elsewhere (including your face).

2) Using Q-Tips

Pushing earwax down the ear canal causes problems. This could permanently damage the eardrum and canal.

3) Washing hair everyday

Shampooing removes impurities and extra oil from your scalp, promoting healthy, lustrous hair. Too much of this might lead to dry, lackluster hair.

4) Never washing hair

Hair neglect is also terrible. Bacteria will clog your hair follicles, leading to an infection. Every 2-3 days, shampoo your hair.

5) Improper care of eyelash extensions

It is possible for glues to cause corneal irritation or visual impairment if they penetrate into the eye.

6) Not washing hands often

Handwashing helps prevent infection and keep us healthy. When touching unsanitary surfaces, wash your hands often.

7) Sharing your razor

You should never share razors because they can transfer infections like staph, which can lead to more serious diseases like hepatitis and HIV.

8) Inadequate tooth brushing

When you're half asleep, it's easy to be sloppy when cleaning your teeth. Brush twice a day for two minutes. The minimum.

9) Sleeping with contact lenses

Irritation of the eyes might occur if you sleep with your contact lenses in. However, corneal abrasion or infection can occur in the worst-case scenario.

10) Using dirty towels for many days

After only a few days of use, a shower towel can harbor bacteria, mold, and yeast. This is due to the fact that when we dry off, we leave behind a lot of moisture.

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