Check Which Type of Headache You Have!

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1) One side of head- Migraine

As long as the pain is only on one side of your head, and it's pulsating or throbbing, you're most certainly dealing with a migraine.

2) Wraps around head- Tension headache

Tension headaches cause squeezing or agonizing discomfort around the head. Because headaches are no fun, consider adopting some healthy habits.

3) In your face- Sinus headache

If you have pressure in your eyes and cheeks, you most likely have a sinus headache. However, these are actually quite uncommon.

4) Sudden pain anywhere- Thunder clap headache

Lightning strikes your head. They're five minutes long and intense. Brain aneurysms, strokes, and brain hemorrhages can cause them.

5) Behind your eyes- Cluster headache

Brain aneurysms, strokes, and brain hemorrhages can cause them. They're more common in men and can cause eye redness.

6) Top of the head- Allergy headache

Allergy-induced headaches, despite involving the sinuses, are seasonal, and you may also experience other symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, and watery eyes.

7) Stabbing pain on one side- Airplane headache

Airplane pressure changes trigger them. Stress management, hydration, and OTC painkillers can reduce your risk.

8) Anywhere around head- Exercise headache

If your headache is triggered by something specific—exercise, orgasm—it could be an exercise headache. These can last anywhere from five minutes to two days.

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