Cut Your Sugar Intake With These 10 Tips!

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1) Eat Whole Fruits 

Whole fruits and vegetables include fiber and nutrients, making their sugars less toxic. They're also trapped in plant cells, so they release slowly.

2) Avoid “healthier” sugar hype

Being natural, agave syrup, rice syrup, coconut sugar, & palm sugar all sound healthier. However, they contain the same amount of sugar as white caster sugar.

3) Say no to Sugary Drinks

Full-sugar soft drinks are a major source of sugar. One 500ml bottle of Coke includes 53g (13.3tsp) of sugar and 210 empty calories.

4) Go for exercise

Active people metabolize sugar and carbs better. A 2020 study indicated that frequent exercise reduces the urge for sweet tastes.

5) Go for dark chocolate

More cocoa means less sugar in chocolate. If you only like milk chocolate, choose a solid bar over filled chocolates with sweet fillings.

6) Change your stir fry sauce

As a general rule, a normal grocery shop stir-fry sauce contains 17-20g (up to 5tsp) free sugars per serving.

7) Swap cake/cookies for cereal

A modest bowl of sugary cereal and milk is a reasonable substitute for cake or other sweets later in the day, even if it's not ideal for breakfast.

8) Don’t skip meals

Consistently spaced meals are critical to your health. When you eat in a structured way, your blood sugar levels are more stable, resulting in less fatigue and less sugar cravings.

9) Watch your alcohol intake

Many of this sugar comes from mixers such as syrupy tonic and lemonade, but rosé and medium-dry white wines can also have nearly a teaspoon of sugar per glass.

10) Chew a stripe of gum

Sugar-free gum may lower midafternoon sugar cravings. In one study, gum chewers ate 10% fewer sweet and salty snacks three hours later.

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