Is it true that women live longer than men?

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Academics in Denmark say that despite the fact that men have a lower life expectancy than women, they have a 'substantial possibility' of outliving women.

As a "simplistic metric," life expectancy is frequently misconstrued as implying "men do not live as long as women," according to researchers.

Their study, which was published in the journal BMJ Open, reviewed data on men's and women's lifespans in 199 nations for nearly two centuries.

Men have a high likelihood of outliving women, especially those who are married and possess a bachelor's degree, as determined by the investigation.

Men had a 25 to 50 percent chance of outliving women, according to the researchers.

Large variations in life expectancy disguise a huge overlap in the longevity of men and women, according to their findings.

Despite the fact that men's life expectancy is shorter than women's and that men die at a younger age, there is a good probability that men will outlive women.

These findings contradict the common perception that "men do not live as long as women" and demonstrate a more nuanced disparity between female and male lifespans.

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