Each Zodiac Sign's Ideal Color!

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Aries: Red

Red is meant to arouse passion, which is just what you need since you're a fire sign. Wearing red during an interview will make you feel more confident.

Taurus: Green

Your sign is an Earth sign, hence the color green represents nature. You're steady, patient, and expanding like nature. You can spot decaying relationships.

Gemini: Yellow

Like yellow, you're brilliant and boisterous. Curiosity and inspiration are vital qualities. You're like the sun because you provide joy and happiness.

Cancer: White

The color white is light and airy, like the wings of a dove, and it shows how graceful you are, like how the silver moon looks when it's reflected in still water.

Leo: Gold

When you wear gold like a king or queen, you feel strong and happy. Your gold trinkets can only give you more power and make you even stronger.

Virgo: Brown

You are careful and thoughtful, and these colors show that you are stable and growing. You care a lot about growing and getting better, as long as you don't go too far.

Libra: Pink

You're friendly, but these colors will make you even more so. Blue brings peace, while pink shows you're caring.

Scorpio: Black

Black boosts your power and mystery. Wear black to boost deductive reasoning and mystery.

Sagittarius: Purple

Purple increases openness and life awareness. As a traveler, you realize life delivers many viewpoints and opinions, so you can absorb them and gain insight.

Capricorn: Gray

You value tradition and simplicity. These hues aren't boring; they're effective and versatile. These colors are no-nonsense and utilitarian.

Aquarius: Blue

Focusing is hard for a restless sign like you. Blue helps calm restless energy so you can bring out your great thoughts without fighting your fast-moving thinking.

Pisces: Light Green

The light green enhances your natural healing abilities. Paler shades of green enhance your abilities to heal and inspire.

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