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Headache? These 4 Drinks Might Be The Reason!

1) Energy Drinks

Energy drinks, often contain added carbohydrates and caffeine as well as additional botanicals that are said to increase energy.

Due to the drying properties of caffeine and sugar, the crash after consuming one of these beverages might cause headaches and weariness.

2) Beer or wine

All alcoholic beverages are diuretics, meaning they stimulate the loss of fluids and electrolytes. 

In contrast to hard liquor, which may contain ice or non-alcoholic liquids, beer and wine may have a more diuretic effect. This could result in dehydration and headaches.

3) Fruit juices

Sugar in fruit juices affects the neurological system. Juice alone causes a quick surge and fall in blood sugar.

A headache is likely to occur because of the rapid changes in blood sugar. Cold-pressed juices prepared with primarily vegetables are sugar-free.

4) Coffee

Not drinking morning coffee may have consequences. If you're used to morning caffeine, you may need it all day. Too much coffee has drawbacks.

As long as you don't drink more than one or two cups of coffee, you may be doing yourself and your headache some good.

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