How Periods Can Cause Anaemia?

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Anemia occurs when there are not enough healthy red blood cells & hemoglobin in the blood. A lack of adequate red blood cells prevents the distribution of oxygen throughout the body.

When you have anemia, your body also lacks oxygen, which can lead to lethargy and exhaustion, among other concerns.

Anemia is one of the risk factors for heavy periods. When a woman has heavy periods, she loses blood, which can lead to anemia.

When a woman has her period, she loses a significant amount of blood, which ultimately results in the loss of red blood cells.

However, if you have heavy periods, you begin to lose more blood, which leads to an increase in red blood cell loss.

This can lead to a lack of iron in your body and, as a result, a decrease in haemoglobin production.

Furthermore, if your body loses red blood cells at such a quick rate, it may struggle to produce these cells at the same rate.

This could be another cause of anaemia. As a result, if you have heavy periods, you are more likely to suffer from anaemia.

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