How to Know if Chicken is Bad?

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Spoilt food will wreck your evening plans. Is it possible to tell if your chicken has gone from fresh to rotten simply by the way it smells? If chicken is rotten, how can you tell?

1) Expiration Date

Food expiration dates aren't always clear. Counting the days helps. Cooked or uncooked, chicken's expiry date varies.

For Raw Chicken

Check the expiration date on the packaging before leaving the supermarket. You can utilize the chicken for up to two days after that date.

For Cooked Chicken

As soon as possible after cooking chicken, place it in the refrigerator to cool. Don't forget to name and date your chicken storage container so you know when it expires.

2) Smell

Chicken that has been sealed in its own juices for an extended period of time may have a mild "funky" odor. Strongly smelling chicken should serve as a warning indicator.

3) Texture

A glossy, juicy & somewhat slick texture is ideal for raw chicken. Discard anything that is slimy, tacky, or sticky. Cooked chicken should be firm & dry to the touch, much like raw chicken.

4) Appearance 

You'll be able to tell whether the chicken has gone bad by the way it looks. In both raw and cooked chicken, keep an eye out for these warning signals.

For Raw Chicken 

Pink, glossy chicken meat and white fat are ideal. If these hues fade to gray or the skin seems dry and stiff, the chicken isn't fresh. If the gray turns green or yellow, it's old.

For Cooked Chicken

When cooked to the proper temperature (165°F), chicken turns from pink to opaque white. If you notice any other colors, such as yellow or green, throw them away.

How Long Does Chicken Last?

Chicken that hasn't been cooked can last up to two days in the fridge. You should eat it within three to four days after it's cooked. 

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