How to prevent birds from nesting in your home?

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1) Install bird roosting spikes

Flat ledges on your home's facade attract pigeons. The Counter: Install crisscrossed roosting spikes on a metal base. 

 You install them with a staple gun, and they are supplied in 10- to 100-foot-long kits. They do not harm the birds, so do not worry.

2) Use Foul Odors

Numerous odors that humans find pleasant are repulsive to birds. Interestingly, two of these are lemon and peppermint.

If you have difficulties with birds nesting on your porch (the top of the lamp is a favorite site), make a repellant and spray it often to keep them away.

3) Clean your Yard

By removing dense vegetation from your shrubs and trees, birds are deprived of nesting opportunities, but your home may become an even more desirable option.

Pick up stray twigs, dry leaves, and other avian nest-building materials as you work in the yard. Be sure to cover any trash you have as well.

4) Hang Shiny Lightweight Objects

Using old CDs, aluminum foil, or bright beads is a tried-and-true method for keeping birds away from your garden and home.

It's ideal to place mirrors and other reflective items where they'll get plenty of exposure to the light and wind.

5) Don't feed birds

If you want birds to stay away, don't give them anything to eat or drink.

To avoid unwanted nesting, place bird feeders as far away from your home as possible if you enjoy watching birds feed in your yard.

6) Install motion-activated sprinklers

Motion-activated sprinklers and motion-activated lights can repel birds at any time of the day or night. 

The secret lies in the element of surprise. Deer and other land-based foragers are deterred by sprinklers actuated by motion.

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