How To Reject A Date In Right Way?

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One of the most difficult aspects of dating is rejection, both being rejected and having to reject someone else.

How can you break it to someone that they "should" be your type but you really aren't that into them?

1) Warn the person about bad news

Rather than lulling them into a false sense of security, like constructive criticism may, this actually prepares them. Warn the person of impending unpleasant news.

2) Apologise for the things you will say

This helps mitigate the recipient's response to you. ' Use "I'm sorry," "I apologize," and "I'm sorry there's no simpler way to convey this."

3) Tell the truth

Tell the person the truth and anything you deem essential for them to know. Give them the rationale for your decision not to move ahead with them.

4) Leave them with positive thoughts

Tell them everything you admire about them and the great qualities you've observed. People always remember your final words.

Reasons It's Hard to Give Breakup News

Backlash is a possibility: Nobody wants to be the bearer of terrible news. You are the messenger, and the old adage "don't shoot the messenger" is correct.

2) The dread of not being liked: Nobody likes to be labeled as the evil guy when they've done nothing wrong.

3) Feeling guilty about hurting someone's feelings: It's difficult to think about letting someone down or hurting their feelings, especially when they've done nothing wrong.

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