How To Remove Hard Stuck Labels From Glassware?

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Maybe you don't want a "Pepperoncini" label on the container holding your overnight oats. But how to remove glassware labels easily?

If you've got a label that won't come off your glasses, crafting supply retailer Avery recommends acetone nail polish remover, rubbing alcohol, lighter fluid, or cheap vodka.

For best results, soak the label face down in the cleaning solution for 15 minutes before scrubbing it with a sponge.

Use a scraper, as suggested by Frugal Minimalist Kitchen. But if you'd rather avoid using things like chemicals and tools, there is another option.

The Kitchn recommends soaking glassware in a saucepan of hot water with a drop or two of dish soap or baking soda.

Directly on the stove is fine. The labels should come off by themselves, but baking soda will remove any residue.

Use tongs to take the hot glassware from the saucepan and place it on a dish towel to cool.

If you'd rather save the effort of putting a pot on the stove, it advises, you can simply pour hot water from a tea kettle into the jars or other glassware.

Allow the water to heat the jar for 3-5 minutes; this will dissolve the glue that holds the label on, allowing you to easily remove it while the jar is still hot.

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