Is Eating Carrots at Night Unhealthy?

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Some foods are energizing, while others might cause heartburn and indigestion. What about carrots, though? Is eating carrots at night unhealthy?

Carrots' delicious orange flesh contains vitamins and minerals. Crunchy carrots are a healthy alternative to chips and sweet afternoon munchies. What about nighttime?

A 2014 study published in the Journal of Sleep Research investigated the effects of food and chemical levels on sleep quality.

Low levels of alpha-carotene, selenium, vitamin D, potassium, and others were found to contribute to sleep disturbances.

Due to its high alpha-carotene content, eating carrots at night may facilitate sleep if you do not consume enough carotene throughout the day. says carrots include 180 mg of potassium per serving. Low potassium causes daytime weariness and sleeplessness.

So, the high alpha-carotene content of carrots combines with the potassium amount to help you sleep better and longer.

Carrots are a good choice for a nighttime snack because of their high concentration of nutrients that promote restful sleep.

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