Is green tea safe to drink while pregnant?

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A pregnant lady must drink fluids to stay hydrated. Water replaces electrolytes and forms placenta and amniotic fluid. A pregnant lady should drink 8 to 12 glasses of water daily.

But, some foods and drinks shouldn't be overeaten. Green tea has many health benefits, but too much can be harmful during pregnancy.

Green tea includes a very high concentration of antioxidants known as polyphenols, which aid in the battle against infection-causing free radicals.

However, the beverage contains caffeine, albeit in trace amounts, which might harm the DNA if eaten in large quantities.

1) Miscarriage

Caffeine can easily reach the baby's bloodstream through the placenta. It can damage infant DNA and cause miscarriage.

2) Stillbirth

Caffeine is harmful during pregnancy. Even though green tea doesn't carry many calories, drinking too much can induce stillbirth.

3) Premature birth

There are numerous causes of premature delivery, which might result in severe birth abnormalities because the organs do not develop normally.

4) Low birth weight

Too much green tea might elevate blood pressure and heart rate due to the caffeine. This is the main cause of a baby's low birth rate.

5) It's A Diuretic

Green tea is also a diuretic that causes frequent toilet breaks and water loss from the body. Therefore, it is essential to drink enough of water and remain hydrated.

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